What is a hgv 1 job

There are people out there, who love being work along without any supervisor or who don’t love the concept of being an office employee. These people are able to apply for different type of job known as HGV1 job. This is different from rest and it name tells all as HGV stands for “heavy goods vehicle” and people who are driving along these vehicles, these are known as part of this sector. It is driving job; however it differs from the other driving jobs.

How hgv recruitment differ from other driving jobs?

· It is a bigger responsibility to drive heavy goods vehicle as these vehicles are not only big, in fact they are full with any kind of product, which needs to be delivered carefully.

· People who are fond of driving can now earn money by driving as this job is all about driving skills and time management.

· You are able to carry out this job independently or you can become part of any transport company who are taking orders for transporting goods and pass out this task to you.

· You are able to travel between different locations and generally multiple shifts are available, however you do need free hgv training first.

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